Our CSR Mission

Our CSR Initiative is facilitated through an active participation and involvement of all the employees of Community Finance. All events and programs related to the themes of CSR are thoroughly planned, co-ordinated and diligently managed by the employees.

In order to reach out to the last mile through our CSR initiatives, we also look forward to associate with like-minded organisations across various genres like the Government, Local Administrative & Civic Authorities, Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs), Organisations working towards Socio-Economic development, Local offices and business organisations, thereby fostering an alliance to action our initiatives.

We intend to undertake social causes which are also in sync with the initiatives of the Government. Through such initiatives, our objective is to become a key player in social responsibilities in the locations we operate.

List of key social activities to be undertaken are as follows:

  • Hygiene & Healthcare
  • Education & Skill Development

We at Community Finance believe that alternate vocations are the stepping stone to develop sustainable livelihoods in the areas we operate. We are thoroughly committed towards our CSR mission and our motto is to educate the rural households about the opportunities of alternate vocations and its impact on developing additional sources of revenue. Through our dedicated relationship, our aim is to assist the rural households in improving their standard of living and lead a better lifestyle and also contribute to the societal welfare at large.