Community Finance Pvt. Ltd. (CFPL) is an emerging Indian NBFC based on the unique business model called the ‘Community Model’. This approach to business follows a vision for economic growth by empowering rural households (those self-employed in particular) through the availability of financial services.

Its main objectives are to:

  • Cover the last mile between its various branches where financial services are available and the home or place of business of the customer. This is to make quality financial services available to the customer and achieve the objective of maximum financial inclusion.
  • Make meaningful impact on the communities within which the company will operate, by helping raise incomes of the customers in all market segments while actively sponsoring initiatives that will serve to improve the lives of each and every one.

The controlling stakes of Community Finance Pvt. Ltd. (CFPL) is held by Community Holdings Pte. Ltd., Singapore, an investment company owned by Francis Andrew Rozario and his family. The company was incorporated for making investments into the financial sector and leverages the expertise of its directors in the financial sector, to support and grow financial institutions, with special focus on mass market, salaried, self-employed and SME segments. CFPL draws both from the parent company – financial and expertise support.


To socially and economically empower each and every individual who are part of the local communities in the markets we operate in.


  • To offer a unique value proposition to every customer segment in the community that can lead to a one-to-one relationship at the customer level and high market shares at the segment level.
  • To help the customer make an informed choice from among all the finance services & products available basis his need.
  • To work with the community to support its ecosystem

Aims of the Model

  • Empower financial resources in the rural and semi-urban markets where limited finance is one of the major challenges to productivity and growth.
  • To enable the rural people to identify new opportunities leading to new sources of revenue or to enhance the existing streams.

Way of Work of the Model

  • Endeavour to understand the customer to provide him/her the best comprehensive solution available to meet existing and future financial needs.
  • Extend group loans through joint liability for meeting personal and business needs to customers, who have lesser or no access to formal sources of finance.

Advantages to the Customers

  • Access to finance and sound financial advice to overcome the financial challenges in the way of growing aspirations in underpenetrated markets across the country.
  • Easy and quick disbursement of loans.
  • Access solutions to specific needs, since the model will address the majority of challenges specific to the rural and semi-urban areas based on customer segmentation.