Joint Liability Group Loan


Joint Liability Group Loan is perfect for meeting personal and business needs in a group so that the liability is divided and which results in sustainability and advancement of livelihood for everyone in the group. It is usually given to a group of 5 women engaged in small and similar income-generating activities who can use this loan to expand their ventures.

The group loan offers amounts ranging from Rs. 15,000 to Rs. 1,00,000 and for a tenure ranging between 12-24 months.

This loan is especially structured to motivate small households undertake traditional and modern means of livelihoods related to agriculture, agri-allied, dairy farming, handloom weaving, handicrafts, business and personal needs.

Features & Benefits

Higher loan amount against the market offering
The loan amount will depend on the quality of customer’s credit rating and that of the collateral. It will be higher than the market offering if the customer meets the eligibility criteria of the company.

Instant and on-the-spot approval
No branch visits required. No waiting for days. Just give some basic data and get instant provisional approval subject to completion of documentation and verification.

Dedicated relationship
Relationship officers analyse and understand your needs and give you the best suitable financial offering at every stage of your needs.

Minimal documentation
Only a few essential documents like photo ID proof, residence proof, one passport size photograph and one cancelled cheque in case of NACH/NEFT for the applicant and co-applicant required.

Bundled products
You can avail a bouquet of product offerings in the Rural Financing segment for purchasing a Merchandise Loan, meeting emergencies through Personal Loan or securing your family through Life Insurance.


For details about Group Loan Agreements, Terms and Conditions or have any questions, you can refer to our Group Loan FAQs or can contact us at the nearest Community Finance office.

Eligibility & Documents

An individual must be between 19-60 years* (salaried/self-employed)
*Age at the time of completion of the loan.

As an applicant and co-applicant you must have:

  • Photo ID proof
  • Residence proof
  • One Passport size photograph
  • Cancelled cheque in case of NACH/NEFT

Fees & Charges

Please refer to the ‘Loan Charges’ section for detailed Fees and Charges related to our product offering (About Us –> Policy –> Loan Charges)

How to Apply

Applying for a Group Loan with Community Finance requires as much time as you take to finish a cup of tea. Read on to know more about how to apply for the same:

  • Contact our relationship officer
  • Visit our nearest branch office
  • Visit the ‘Apply Online’ section in our website

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Groups Loans is a form of credit extended to a group of working women for personal and business purposes that help in the sustainability and advancement of their livelihood. This loan does not require any physical collateral but is secured through a group guarantee among the members.

A group of women between 19-60 years of age, having a similar socio-economic background and engaged in an income-generating activity are eligible for the JLG Loan.

A JLG Loan can be applied for any personal and business needs – agriculture and agri-allied related (Purchase of agri-input, purchase of cattle, dairy related, poultry, etc.), business related (working capital, debt consolidation, purchase of machinery, purchase or renovation of business premises, etc.) or personal (education of children, medical expenses, purchase of property, marriage expenses, etc.)

This loan offers competitive interest rates as against the market offerings.

The offerings depend on several factors including the monthly income, occupation, etc. Generally, the maximum loan exposure for Weekly & Fortnightly loans is Rs. 50,000 and Rs. 100,000 for Monthly loans.

The loan tenure ranges between 12 to 24 months.

Generally, Group Loans are given to a group comprising of five women members. However, during exceptions, a group may also be formed with 4-7 customers.