Jan Vikas

Jan Vikas – ‘Saath Saath Pragati Ke Saath’

Jan Vikas is the basket of products and services from Community Finance Pvt. Ltd. Through it the company will work towards its goal of delivering financial services to that segment of the Indian rural and semi urban population that has limited access to formal credit sources and is hence exploited by moneylenders. However, accessibility to financial services is only a part of what Jan Vikas is all about. Jan Vikas will offer credit products at a mutually affordable cost, counsel on how to make money work harder as well as play a part in developing community infrastructure through CSR activities.


In a nutshell, Jan Vikas is about community development, empowering a self-sustaining rural and semi urban economy and improving lives through one of the biggest forces of growth – finance.

Following are the key aspects of Jan Vikas:


Our business model offers a unique value proposition of dedicated relationship for the rural and semi urban customers. Our relationship officers have been groomed to be more than just a sales officer who will understand the financial need of the customer in various stages of his lifecycle, maintaining a strong relationship and provide an in-depth coaching to the customer about the priorities and offer the best suitable financial offering.


Our intention is to tap the underserved segments of the rural and semi urban market and boost their household earning capacities through access to sources of finance. Our relationship officers are well trained to reach out to the customers in the most interior rural segments. Our branches offer a bouquet of financial services to households in villages and small towns in the given area.


We have designed our offerings to cater to the various types of personal and business needs throughout the lifecycle of the customer. A customer can avail up to a loan amount Rs. 1 Lac under group loan with the flexibility to extend the tenor to 24 months.


We have invested in unique systems that will help to catalyse our processes and result in speedier processing of cases. The access of customer sourcing and verification through mobile devices, have enabled speedier decision making and also built a great level of transparency, trust and customer confidence. Our branches are linked with central systems and all operations are online providing access to customer information and transactions on a real time basis.


We offer a bouquet of product offerings to our customers in the rural and semi urban segment:

  • Merchandise Loan
  • Personal Loan
  • Life Insurance

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* Loans are at the sole discretion of Community Finance Pvt. Ltd. and are subject to the guidelines of the Reserve Bank of India (RBI). Community Finance Pvt. Ltd. may choose to engage the services of their marketing agents for the purpose of sourcing loan assets in certain locations.